Thursday, April 23, 2015

Extended Revision Intended as Definition

Dissent and precision amid fixtures and principle interfere with invention, yet intention offers definition within.

In understanding that different intent brings intermittent wins, to treat when actions open if watching internal sentiment, amid accidentally entering dim limits sends this connection, if specific. And dedicating nothing following any inquiry in getting exceptions. Perception is practical to exposure, but first: determine division therein. When intuition is minimum and fickle liquidity tickles definition again, the discussion invents intention within different system amendments, beginning with sensitive coalitions if dependence internally comes to win.

Forward, Behind, Today - Richard Smith -

Forward, Behind, Today – Richard Smith – Via

Precision-indexing specific collections prevents contribution limiting. Recollection of intent sending signals isn’t such a sensitive individual, though there is new-again, in principle, in-context division taken in. With risk we begin to supplement relative vintage, and exhibit intent of distance amid sophistication with visual energy definitively meant. And simply entertaining understanding amid more division, inventing traditions will defend limiting historically sensitive initiatives’ innocence.

Waiting and adopting the energy in exemption sends men within; mid-level brethren in veteran instruction present information unhinged, yet sitting amid expensive invention sends indentured fixtures blended, to prevent dissent spinning again into intended division upended. Inventing a regimen of exemption is beginning to win.

Sending stints into fixtures informed categorically to end sent direction when in, should we wonder if transcending definition with intent has sent something meant to envision into a hindered revision end? Eventually, again, we will send intent in the unlimited sense to destinations beyond what any heretofore intended progress has meant.

Let Love In - Richard Smith -

Let Love In – Richard Smith – Via

April Is National Poetry Month.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who’s Your Poetry BFF?

In the spirit of National Poetry Month, here’s a quiz from Grammarly, a cool online grammar tool. As an English major, I found this fun in a geeky way. I got Maya Angelou. I’m cool with that, interestingly enough. See how you do — is it accurate? Share your results in the comments!


Timelines Aligned With Mind Findings

Science findings of mind signs aligned with refinement defines times.

(April Is National Poetry Month)

Given findings of time, do times align, finding what lines define in minds?
Behind the line we may find a time to align, but in the mind everything remains fine.
Try defining the lines and mine the vines, but still find striving requiring defined time.
But do ties in the high mind lie behind a fine unwinding, refined, aligned?
Does the line decline eyes finding fine time behind relying on findings?
Requiring minding time finds tired eyes declining in a kind of confining.
In signs, lines assign trying findings, leading to recognized times confining, redefined.
While predetermined by grind, verifying style finds eyes tired and minds aligned.
Time core relevance develops a highly refined finding, likened to ripening vines.
Although formulated subjective time is likely less than findings seen refined.
But insufficient behind-line-time assignment reconciling takes time.
Despite questioning once or twice, casting defines revised signs.
Following over time, scientists five to nine cite higher kinds of signs, confirming findings.
These early findings stratify defined, like minds, based on combined lines.
At the end of time, being defined by science suggests trying otherwise finds lies.
But disguising citings like time-refined reassigning finds minds redesigned.
By only relying on time indexed by aligned mind refinement, some find:
Confined wiring rewrites revised, resigned minds, blindsiding redefined mind time.
Points and categories joining more fires ignite right brightness.
While predicated times find like minds behind in signs of mining kind lines.
What applies why temporal mindfulness finds guidance refined?
Determining combined science characterizes summarized findings, including:
Time-based, refined guidance mindfulness of a temporal variety, rightly applied.
By the same line, science finds flying time lines our minds. Likely fine.